When making a web application, user authentication is one of the most essential aspects of development. User authentication is the process of proving the identity of a user in order to allow access to other parts of the app. in this blog I will go over some of the aspects of setting up authentication for a Sinatra app.

For the case of this app there will be a username and password that needs to be validated. Other apps may use attributes like email or birthday for validation. …

For my Sinatra project I built an app that would pique my interest through my passion…the Knicks. Since they’re a bad team I chose to make an app that would allow users to post grievances about different players on the team. Knicks grievances had 4 models. Users, Players, Grievances, and PlayerGrievances. The most challenging aspect of the project was adding flash error messages. In this blog I’ll walk you through how I did that.

My first challenge was realizing that I had to use the ‘sinatra-flash’ gem in ‘app/Gemfile’, I added it like so:

gem 'sinatra-flash'

The next step…

In 2015, Jacky Alcine, a software engineer in Oakland, California made a heinous discovery. While using Google Photos, he found that some of his friends were being identified by Google’s artificial intelligence system as gorillas. The tech and social justice worlds were shocked by the development. Google vowed to fix the problem immediately.

Alcine’s reaction to Google’s hiccup.

Some were not satisfied by Google’s response. They simply removed terms like “monkey”, “gorilla”, and “chimpanzee” from their API. …

Muhammad Musah

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